About Us

Armed with the fine technology cultivated in Japan,
We continue to communicate to the world.

We, Yuwa, have been making products that are particular about fineness and precision, using the consistently high technology and production system in resin molding processing from the design and manufacturing of resin molding dies cultivated over many years.
Using our high technology, we have established a local subsidiary in China and Vietnam to meet the demands and expectations of more customers.
The Yuwa Group is globally disseminating technology.


Production network

Three production bases

With production bases in Japan, China and Vietnam, we will establish Yuwa’s technology that breaks the conventional wisdom with innovative ideas and action while integrating with people of various values ​​and cultures of the world.



Yuwa Co., Ltd. Head Office Molding Factory

Komoro, where the head office is located, has clear air and abundant water resources at the foot of Asama. Air taken from a natural clean environment is filtered by a filter to make it even cleaner. We use the blessing water from the basement to cool the air and use it as cooling water for machines. In addition, we use minute and precise molds for electronic parts that are becoming lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller with the times, and we are stably producing molded parts with a weight of less than 0.001 g.

-For stable production of fine and precision parts-

Yuwa has introduced a mechanism to send materials from the 3rd floor of the factory, and has devised a mechanism to prevent dust from entering. In addition, the air that enters the floor where the molding machines are lined up flows through the high-performance mesh filter.

  • Number of molding machines/113 units
Mold Technology Center

This is the core factory of the Yuwa Group, which produces fine and precise molds. In order to maintain the accuracy of ±1 micron, the factory has a constant temperature of ±0.5°C, and the floor is processed in a thorough environment such as anti-vibration of the machine. In addition, all state-of-the-art equipment is custom-made. We are committed to pursuing precision that cannot be achieved with standard machines. The air-conditioning system, which was born from our original idea, uses exhaust heat and contributes to the global environment with less energy.

  • Number of metal processing machines/59 units


Yuhua Precision Electronics (Wujiang) Co., Ltd.

Yuhua Precision Electronics (Wujiang) Co., Ltd. was established in August 2003 as a joint venture with Taiwan AUDIX. Currently, we are operating with a system of 800 people, mainly young people with an average age of 20. The factory is as clean as Japan Yuwa and produces precision parts. We are aiming for further development by fusing Japanese high technology and Chinese culture.

  • Number of molding machines/127 units
  • Number of metal processing machines/40 units


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We established a factory in VSIPⅡ Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province, southern Vietnam, and started operations on February 14, 2009. It is a factory with the same dustless and unmanned system as in Japan and China. We secured land in VSIP EXPANSION for the next development.

  • Number of metal processing machines/106 units

YUWA VIETNAM CO., LTD Factory I was established in a part of the area and started full-scale operation in November 2020. The company manufactures diagnostic reagents for COVID-19 antigen test kits and other products.


Completed in March 2018, full-scale operation started in June. We have introduced a high level clean room of class 10,000 into the inspection room. Furthermore, Vietnam’s first lightweight aerated concrete (ALC) panel is used on the outer wall of the factory to improve the cleanliness of the entire factory.

  • Number of molding machines/219 units