Environmental Efforts

Protecting the global environment
and wishing for the happiness of those who live there

Yuwa will create a rich life for the next generation, and wishes for a beautiful global environment and the happiness of people who continue to live there. We are actively working on beautifying the environment around the plant, including the efficient use of energy by using rainwater and heat shielding. We value the beautiful earth.

Solar power

In April 2013, Yuwa started the operation of a solar power plant. Komoro City decided to use the clean energy of sunlight as much as possible because of its high sunshine rate nationwide, so we decided to install it. 1204 solar panels are installed on about 70% of the roof of the factory, and the annual power generation is 309,136 kwh. It can generate enough electricity to cover 75 ordinary households.

Solar panels spread over the roof of the factory

  • Launching ceremony

    State when employees gathered and held a launching ceremony,
    including Chairman Watanabe

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Received the Eco Company Contest Excellence Award

In 2010, we received the “Eco Company Contest” Excellence Award from Komoro City. With this as an opportunity, I intend to make even greater contributions.

Awarded by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

In 2016, it was selected by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as “300 companies of small and medium-sized enterprises with flapping” and received an award. We aim to further develop as a company that drives the improvement of international competitiveness and the revitalization of regional economies.

Surrounding environment beautification work

All employees actively participate in regular beautification and cleaning activities at the Komoro Inter Industrial Park, such as mowing and picking up trash.

Committee Activity

With the active participation of young employees,
we are trying to reform and raise awareness.

At Yuwa, young employees play a central role in establishing a committee to carry out various initiatives and activities. We will actively exchange opinions in committees such as employee awareness and reform, internal improvement, exchange meetings, and regularly hold study sessions and events.
Committee activities also play a role in establishing personal connections across departments.

  • AED class

    Yuwa has installed an AED in case of emergency, but we held a workshop to operate it and to carry out life-saving measures such as artificial respiration.

  • Road safety lecture

    We invited people from the local police station to give a traffic safety lecture. We are striving to improve the traffic safety manners of each and every one of us.

  • Zero disaster campaign

    At the morning meeting, we carry out risk prediction training assuming various situations. We aim to achieve zero accidents by reciting slogans as employees.

  • Employee exchange

    We provide opportunities for employees to have fun conversations and interact with each other, such as year-end parties and cherry blossom viewing.