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As a driving force for manufacturing
The important thing is to develop people.

We are Yua’s core technology is the ±1 micron mold processing technology, and the molding technology that masters the mold and mass-produces it. We take pride in the know-how that can meet the demands for ultra-fine precision parts. However, we must constantly change and evolve without being content with the current situation.
To that end, we are focusing on “human resource development”, with our focus on “manufacturing”.
We have made a foray into China and Vietnam by observing the global market and competition, but at the same time, it is also for “human resource development” across countries. By integrating with people of various values ​​and cultures around the world, we will establish technologies and products that break through common sense with innovative ideas and action. That is what Yuwa should be aiming for.
We will protect the earth with our original energy-saving technology and hopefully create people’s happiness. We will continue to create the world’s best products and value with all three employees working together.

Minoru Watanabe, CEO of Yuwa Co., Ltd.

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Company motto

Through our well-developed mold technology, our company
Responding to the needs of customers around the world, responding to the demands of the times,
With employees with sincere heart and pride,
A company that won’t collapse in any adversity
The aim is to become a company that values ​​the culture of each country concerned.

Yuwa Management Philosophy
  • Mission
    Being a company that trains die technology and molding technology and provides the latest technology and highly difficult technology to customers.
  • Vision
    Being a company that takes on the challenges of world-class manufacturing by preparing world-class technologies and systems.
  • Value
    Being a company that makes employees happy, contributes to society, and shares the joy of customers.
Yuwa spirit
  • It’s extremely prestigious to learn
  • I tried it
  • Do stupid polite work
  • Let’s become a prideful employee for employees who can pride
  • Only stack

Company Profile

Company information

Establishment March 22, 1975
Capital 44 million yen
Representative Representative Director Minoru Watanabe
Officer composition Representative Director Minoru Watanabe
Managing Director Shinichi Iitaka
Senior Managing Director in charge of overseas Shinya Watanabe
Director General Manager Masanori Watanabe
Director General Affairs Department Director Toshikazu Sakurai
Corporate Auditor Hideto Sato
Number of employees Headquarters, molding plant, metal mold technology center 230 employees
Yuhua Precision Electronics (Yuejiang) Co., Ltd. 430 employees
YUWA VIETNAM CO., LTD 1,300 employees
Business content Mold design and manufacturing for plastic molding, plastic molding processing
Office Headquarters,Molding factory,Gold type technology center
384-0044 1, Nishihara 700, Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL 0267-25-8001 FAX 0267-25-8011
certification acquired ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485
Youhua Precision Electronics (Kue) Co. , Ltd./ YUKA PRECISION (WUJIANG) CO., LTD.
215200 Jiangxing East Road, Yundong District, Economic Development Zone, Gujiang City
TEL 86-512-63439780 FAX 86-512-63439781
Certification Obtained IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001
FactoryⅠ: No.15,Street No.6,Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park II, Binh Duong Industry-Service-Urban
Complex Hoa Phu Ward,Thu Dau Mot City,Binh Duong Province,Vietnam
TEL 84-274-3628073 FAX 84-274-3628072
FactoryⅡ: No.7, Street No.19, Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park II-A, Vinh Tan Ward, Tan Uyen Dist
Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
TEL 84-274-2222170 FAX 84-274-2222175
Certified IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
No.15,Street No.6,Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park II, Binh Duong Industry-Service-Urban
Complex Hoa Phu Ward,Thu Dau Mot City,Binh Duong Province,Vietnam
TEL 84-274-3628073 FAX 84-274-3628072

Commitment to technology for better global values

Company History


1975 Established company Started mold business
1994 The “Yume Factory”, which is ahead of the times, is completed at the Inter-Komoro Factory Complex
2003 August Youhua Precision Electronics (Yujiang) was established
2007 August 10 Established YUWA VIETNAM CO., LTD Registered 3 cores Head office/mold technology center completed
2008 YUWA VIETNAM Co.,Ltd started operation at a temporary factory, completed in February
2012 June YUWA VIETNAM CO.,LTD extension
2014 13 insert lines
2015 Significant increase in YVL mold capacity to 250 people
2016 Commenced participation in overseas internship sponsored by Nagano Prefecture, started by Tomoka Precision Insert Molding, which was selected as “300 Flaming SMEs”
2018 Completed the 2nd factory of YUWA VIETNAM Co.,Ltd. Full-scale operation. Can accommodate 240 molding machines. Clean room molding started.
2019 The first plant of YUWA VIETNAM CO.,LTD. started a new business of medical parts.
2020 FUJIFILM YUWA MEDICAL PRODUCTS VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED, a joint venture with FUJIFILM Corporation, was established in May in a part of YVL’s No. 1 plant area and started full-scale operations in November.

Collect wisdom and think deeply under a clear vision



Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Focus on customer first and prioritize quality

“Quality is the starting point of management” no matter where we are and wherever we are. Our ultimate goal is to continue to provide products that customers can use with peace of mind, sticking to the customer-first principle.

To that end, we

  • We set “Quality sincerity” in our management policy, put priority on quality over all, and challenge everyone to build quality.
  • In addition to meeting the “customer’s required quality”, in order to provide world-class quality, we will create a quality management system based on ISO 9001 :2015, which is an international quality management standard.
  • All employees, from top management to each individual employee, carry out their respective duties, but in the end, the president will take full responsibility and execute this system.
  • Based on the concept of “customers are the next process”, the basis for daily activities is to send higher quality products (work) to the next process and complete the product.
  • Promote continuous improvement to enhance the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The above is declared here and the quality policy is set as described above.

Environmental Policy

Environmental policy

Strive to save energy and resources by improving production efficiency

1. Basic Philosophy
Recognizing that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues for all humankind, we will act in consideration of the preservation of the global environment in all aspects of our corporate activities.

2. Basic policy
“We value a wonderful location and aim to create a factory that is kind to nature and kind to people. The main activity items are listed below in order to promote “” as the basic policy.

  • Clarify the environmental impact of the activities conducted by Yuwa Co., Ltd., the production activities of plastic molded products that are incorporated into the main products such as information and communication related products and in-vehicle products, and products and services. At the same time, establish an environmental management system and promote continuous improvement in order to improve environmental impact and prevent environmental pollution.
  • We will not only comply with environmental laws and regulations, but also strive to comply with other requirements we have decided to accept.
  • Among the activities conducted by Yuwa Co., Ltd., and the impact of products and services on the environment, the following items will be addressed in particular.
    1) Promotion of energy saving such as electricity
    2) Reduction of industrial waste such as waste plastics
    3) Control of use of chemical substances and environmental load substances and promotion of substitution
    4) Promotion of resource conservation of papers, etc.
    5) Beautification activities around the area Consideration of biodiversity
    6) Other activities, activities to improve environmental aspects targeted in products and services
  • In order to steadily carry out efforts to reduce the environmental load, set environmental targets. This target will be reviewed regularly by “Management Review”.
  • Through environmental education and meetings, we will strive to improve the understanding of the environmental policy of all employees and raise their awareness of the environment. At the same time, we will publicize the environmental policy to those who work for our company and request their understanding and cooperation.
  • This environmental policy is also disclosed to people outside the company.

April 1, 2017
Yuwa Co. , Ltd. President Minoru Watanabe

[Scope of application]
1.2. Scope of application The range of
products is as follows.
-Plastic molding products
-Plastic molding dies
It is only a process (production design) that is applied to the production activities of plastic molding products and plastic molding dies at the head office factory and directly designs the final product itself. Design/manufacture of jigs and tools related to production is excluded because it is a device for exclusive use by the company that is not sold.

ISO9001:2015/ISO14001:2015/ISO13485:2021 certification acquired (Certification body: LRQA)