Introduction “*Shinshu green electricity project”

Posted / 2021.07.01

From 2021 July, Yuwa Co., Ltd. started to buy Co2 free electric power from Chubu Electric Power Miraiz.
This electric power is made in hydroelectric power stations which is operated by Nagano prefecture company bureau and Yuwa Co., Ltd uses this electric power 100% in headquarters factory.
This activity aims for the guideline of Japanese government for the Carbon Neutrality by 2050, and we adopt “Shinshu green electricity project” which is made from the rich water source of the Shinshu region; realize reduction of the greenhouse gas emission as well as enabling local production for local consumption of the energy at the same time.


As a result, 2,870 tons of CO2 is reduced for electricity 6,732MWh (the last year results) to use in the headquarters factory production activity per year.
When converted into cedar tree, it leads to 205,000 environmental load decreases.


In addition, our company has been able to maintain 10% or more reduction for total electric energy since our peak from 2008.


By improvement of the production efficiency, the electricity consumption in the sales comparison realized 37% reduction by average when comparing electric power consumption 2011-2016 with 2016-2020.


As a main approach of the environmental load reduction activity,


・Power saving by the use of machine exhaust heat of the constant temperature room air conditioning
・Power saving by the groundwater heat exchange of factory air conditioning, machine cooling, the processing liquid cooling
・Creation (300kwh) of the electricity by the solar photovoltaic power generation
・Introduction of the inverter air condition presser.
・Changing to high efficiency air conditioning
・Introduction LED light
・Realization of the one month 720 hours per month operation of NC processing machine (production efficiency)
・Improvement of the number of the production per time (production efficiency)


Yuwa Co., Ltd. realizes electricity reduction by these approaches.


In addition, our company installs the water softener devices which use the rain water and thermal barrier paint shutting off heat on a wall and a roof.
Through contributing to Shinshu where our company is located, we promote prevention of global warming, an approach for the zero carbon. Yuwa Group will continue to promote a transmit information about decarbonization activity.


*Shinshu means Nagano Prefecture


●Shinshu green electricity project

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